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The Bilingual Workshop in Creative Writing

Wednesday, 20 February, 2019 - 13:00 to 18:00
Dugald Stewart Building. Room: 1.01. Central Area

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Bilingual creative writing workshops imply English as being continuously in co-relations with other languages, German, Spanish, Italian, or Chinese. This workshop involves the exploration of the identity of bilingual potential students or writers that can enhance their skills and imagination. We will focus on words and texts that cross borders of understanding not because of rational thinking, but rather of innocence in knowing its representation and meaning in its own context, that comes along with its time, space, gender, or representation. The bilingualism and biculturalism are shaping new identities, and it opens new possibilities in writing.

The workshop will encourage students to work with the lyrical aspect of any literary genre, in fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and playwriting, in any platform that accepts an experimental approach to literature. Participants will experience the power of the relationship between word and multiple representations and significations, complete freedom of a safe bilingual peer collaborative creative writing and will grasp the significance of the bilingual mind.

In the bilingual Worksop of creative writing, participants will expect to develop a conceptual framework of ideas, experiments, and theories that encourage the production of a literary piece of work from the bilingual writing aspect. Participants will learn the benefits of bilingual understanding of texts and will learn new methods of using the language, useful for creative writing or academic readings. The participants will be encouraged to be innovative in the literary textual production.   

The workshop structure:

1.    Introduction: the bilingual writing

•    What is the bilingual writing?

•    How can we make use of it?

•    Genre

•    Identity and openness

2.    Writing/telling a poetry/story

•    The bilingual experience

•    Creativity and performance

•    Word, sound, and representation

•    Language(s) and conceptualizations of the world

3.    Bilingual text

•    Literature and translation

•    Bilingual mind vs. monolingual mind

•    The new identity and new language


The Bilingual Worksop in Creative Writing is a unique opportunity to learn and improve the literary experience (writing or reading) and can offer new perspectives on how a literary text can be produced. We will use a series of playful techniques to entertain and train our mind from bilingual views. 

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