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Why get involved?

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Why get involved?

Benefits of organising Festival events include:

Sharing a passion:

  • Exposure for the innovative work you or your department or society are already doing.
  • Create an event or series that showcases your interests.

Working with others:

  • Meet and build relationships with other Schools, departments, students, staff, and the local community.
  • Develop collaborative working methods and team skills.
  • Meet like-minded people interested in innovation, creative learning and designing learning experiences.

Learning new skills:

  • Discover new ways to learn.
  • Gain skills in other disciplines, event management and leadership.
  • Learn more about how the University works behind the scenes and how to navigate its systems.
  • Take an idea from design to delivery. 
  • Acquire competency-based experience for your CV.

Shaping the future of learning:

  • Pilot an idea, course or workshop in a supportive and low-risk environment.
  • Gather research from event attendees.
  • Make a real change to the UoE community.
  • Explore public engagement.

Helping others shine:

  • Give students and staff opportunities to grow and showcase their potential.

If you would like to run a Festival of Creative Learning Pop-up event at any time of the academic year, you can apply here

Any questions - contact us.