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This academic year (2016/17), as we are evolving from ILW to the Festival of Creative Learning we have been supporting events that run outside the curated Festival week, 20-24th February 2017. An example of some of the events that took place in the first semester can be found at the bottom of the page. We also have events taking place in the second semester:

If you have an event you think would align with our values and aims, please email us, and we might be able to support you financially, with materials or provide helpful suggestions around event planning. We would also be able to promote your event through our Festival mailing list and our social media accounts. Both staff and students are invited to apply to run events with the Festival. We encourage you to make use of our event Handbook which has everything you need to know about putting on an event. You can find our handbook online or ask us for a paper copy.

Festival of Creative Learning Pop-ups 2016:

Global Goals Jam - The Edinburgh Living Lab is currently participating in a project in Kenya that is looking at how data can help inform the development and expansion of off-grid energy systems. To launch the project, on 17-18 September they hosted a Global Goals Jam in Edinburgh that brought together students from across the University to design prototype interventions to help achieve rapid impact in realising the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The Jam took place simultaneously in different cities around the world and is coordinated by the United Nations Development Programme and MediaLAB Amsterdam. One of our Festival team members was part of the feedback panel during the final presentations.

Wikipedia editing event series - Over 2 mornings (21st and 28th September), Chris Harlow (Lecturer, Centre for Reproductive Health) ran a Wikipedia Editathon with 38 undergraduate students. This was a Reproductive Biology Wikipedia assignment. Students are being trained to research and create articles for reproductive biology terms which don’t yet exist on Wikipedia. With the aid of 8 tutors (staff and PhD students), Eugenia Twomey (Student Engagement Officer, Web-making and Digital Skills), Ewan McAndrew (The University's Wikimedian in residence) and Anne Donnelly (Librarian). The outcome was 7 new Wikipedia pages, and 1 major edit of an existing page. If you want more information, please contact Chris Harlow or contact us

Sustainability Jam - The third annual Edinburgh Sustainability Jam was arranged earlier this autumn. This 48 hour intensive hackathon (or 'Jam') was aimed at bringing together people from all backgrounds to solve social, economic and environmental issues of our world. It is run annually by The Edinburgh University Sustainable Development Association (EUSDA). The Jam was open to all, and attendees participated for a chance to engage with the local and global community and create an innovative solution to a global issue. The event started on Friday November 4th and lasted until Sunday November 6th. It ran alongside dozens of Jams around the world from Cairo to Jakarta to Miami to Sao Paulo and Edinburgh.