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Why get involved?

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Why get involved?

Why run an FCL event?

The Festival of Creative Learning gives you a fantastic opportunity to explore and experiment with different ways of teaching and learning in a low-risk environment. Both staff and students are invited to apply to run events with the festival.

And to see some real-life examples - read some of the stories of impact from the event organisers who have run events with us in the past!

Benefits for both staff and students includes:

Challenge yourself & take responsibilities:

  • Project management experience - an opportunity to take an idea from design to delivery. Organising an event is a mini-course in project management/ event management
  • CV skills - gain competency-based experience: hands on skills, experience and leadership opportunities

Try new ideas:

  • Prototyping experience -  a chance to pilot an idea/ course/ workshop in a supported and low-risk environment. Read more about how we can support you.

Share a passion:

  • Exposure for the innovative work you or your department/ your society are already doing
  • A possibility to create an event (series) that incorporates your interests

Work with others:

  • Opportunity to collaborate with other Schools, students, staff, and the (local) community
  • Get experience with team-working
  • Opportunity for different departments to work together

Learn new skills:

  • Become better students
  • Become better academics
  • Become better at understanding students' needs
  • Learn to learn
  • Gain skills in other disciplines

Acquire new experiences:

  • Learn more about how the University works behind the scenes
  • Opportunity to meet like-minded people interested in innovation, creative learning and designing learning experiences

Help shape the future of learning

  • Opportunity for academics to explore/test a new approach and gather feedback before they launch into creating a new course or updating an existing one
  • Opportunity for researchers/ academics to gather research from event attendees (Permission must be asked)
  • Make a real change to the UoE community
  • Opportunity to do and learn about public engagement

Help others shine:

  • Give students/ other staff opportunities to grow and show/use their potential

You can learn more about events taking place, ideas, and get contacts through the Basecamp. The calendar of events will be released in December so you can check out events then. Any questions - contact us.