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Internet of (campus) Things

Monday, 5 February, 2018 - 14:00 to 16:00
uCreate Studio, First Floor, Main Library Central Area

What is the University ‘campus’ where students watch video lectures from the local cafe, communicate over social networks, and study and a distance?

What if we could use real ‘things’ at the campus – buildings, classrooms, chairs, everyday objects - to connect people in new ways?

Join us at the Internet of (campus) Things Festival of Creative Learning pop-up workshop to design the future ‘smart’ university, for a world where more people and ‘things’ are connected. In this workshop, you will get the chance to learn about IoT technologies, and let rip with some creative designs. No practical work with technologies is involved, and no previous experience with coding or making is required - just bring along some imagination. Caffeine will be provided!

Let your creative genius loose as we imagine technologies that can turn data-streams into real ‘things’ in the campus environment: design a soundscape that responds to distant student activity from another country; invent some lighting that shows what topics students are studying online; dream up a lecture space that live-streams concentration levels!

This workshop is about pushing the boundaries about what is possible with technology, but it is also about asking what data should be collected and broadcast. Come and share your views on issues of privacy and surveillance: what kinds of student data should remain private? How can we protect students in a future of increased data collection?

The best ideas and designs will get prizes!

Also try some examples of IoT technologies from the Pulse project (, undertaken at the Centre for Research in Digital Education, including wearable smart watches connected to various feeds from campus activity, and a range of Internet of Things sensors that generate data.